Low Cost Capabilities

Pan’s low cost strategic advantages starts with our global footprint. Our Asia based low cost region manufacturing locations are:

  • China
  • Malaysia
  • Thailand

In addition to low cost locations, Pan utilizes Design-For-Manufacturability (DFM) and Design-For-Test (DFT) methodologies to target further reducing labor costs. Precise and dependable test results can reduce costs, reduce down time, and improve yields. Pan’s test engineers apply the most advanced, automated test equipment and processes to satisfy complex OEM test requirements.

On the material side, we apply our supply chain resources to sourcing lower cost regional components. Our procurement professionals are focused on collaborating with our customers and suppliers to reduce material costs, accelerate their time to market, and streamline their supply chain processes. We work closely with our customers to find appropriate opportunities for material cost reductions through out the product life cycle.

Pan’s global logistics network integrates our global manufacturing sites supply chain management systems, and leverages our inventory management systems, warehousing and distribution hubs, to support manufacturing and delivery of finished goods worldwide. Effective coordination of materials provides for faster time to market at the lowest cost possible.

Additionally, Pan-International’s Quality Assurance programs help to manage risk, identify and resolve customer problems, document SOPs and best practices, support change control, identify and resolve non-conformances, calibrate equipment, and audit the company’s state of quality and compliance. The results are improved customer satisfaction and reduced costs driven by our world-class quality management system.

So the full value of our low cost strategic advantages are the result of manufacturing locations combined with cost centric programs and processes that enable our customers to optimize product manufacturability and quality performance at the lowest possible cost.

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