Key Strengths Overview

How do we view ourselves; what are Pan’s key strengths? The answer revolves around three key value attributes:

Pan is a unique player in the EMS industry in that we have over 40 years experience in turning customer’s concepts into world-class products through our distinct set of value added product realization solutions. Our vertically integrated capabilities include bulk wire and cable, wire harnesses and cable assemblies, printed circuit board fabrication, printed circuit board assemblies, and complete system turnkey assemblies. Our long experience in the industry enables us to partner with customers around the world.

We meet the unique requirements of a diversified customer base by offering high value, low cost capabilities. We service the multiple end market segments of Automotive, Communications, Computing, Consumer, Industrial, and Healthcare. Our manufacturing locations are in the following low cost regions: China, Malaysia, and Thailand.

Pan’s vertically integrated business model thrives due to operational excellence driven by our quality management system. Key certifications include ISO-9001, ISO-14001, ISO-13485, and ISO-16949. Our customers trust having us build their products knowing that they will consistently receive high quality, high reliability solutions and support.

Pan-International’s key strengths – extensive, over 40 years experience, low cost capabilities, and exceptional quality management system - are the foundation to delivering strong customer value. Our customers are at the heart of our business. We work effectively to build strong relationships with our business partners worldwide. We leverage our key strengths and broad expertise to provide customers a distinct competitive advantage in their end marketplace.

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