IndustrialSome EMS companies assume the industrial marketplace is “old school “electronics; that it is slow moving and unchanging. Pan knows better. We understand that industrial OEMs are under pressure to reduce their time-to-market, and not only that, they must reduce costs while competing to provide technically innovative products.

To meet these requirements, Pan International offers Industrial customers a broad range of services that allows them to enhance their competitiveness. Whether it is bulk wire and connectors, custom cable assemblies, wiring harnesses, PCB, PCBA, or turnkey systems, Pan can provide cost effective, innovative solutions that accelerate our customer’s time-to-market. Our quality management systems, technical expertise, skill set, and experience allow us to support a large expanse of Industrial applications.

Here are some of the industrial products we support:Industrial

  • Factory process automation and controls
  • GPS asset tracking devices
  • Smart-Grid in-home-displays
  • LED signs
  • Fueling systems
  • Engine tuning systems
  • Adhesive dispensing systems
  • Energy management systems
  • Security systems
  • Test and measurement systems

Pan’s facilities adhere to quality management systems that are accredited to ISO-9001 and are able to build to IPC Class II. We offer specialized services such as in-house conformal coating and potting. Our tooling capabilities are world class – Computer Numerically Controlled (CNC) and Electrically Discharged Machining (EDM) equipment are in place to support our in-house design and fabrication of tools.

So you have our full attention -- we understand the industrial marketplace and place a strong focus on providing engineering and manufacturing solutions supporting the life cycles for ruggedized, durable, and customized products in the fast moving, competitive industrial market sector.

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